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Dear Hank,

Did you get the first letter I sent? Maybe you did but are probably too busy playing games now to answer. That’s okay, I like to write to you anyway. Trees are turning green here and there’s many flowers and it’s like a baseball season in Austria even if there isn’t one.

Uncle Zeb works for an international newspaper in Vienna keeping his Jewishness a secret as much as he can of course, and he brings me copies of wire reports from the United States that actually have baseball scores and standings. I was excited to read that the season has started!

I also saw that your Tigers had a first week that was both up and down, losing two in Chicago and then two more from the Indians at home. The game yesterday must have been exciting, though. Dixie Walker and you hit home runs in back of each other in the very first inning, and you have already hit three out of the park!

Also, I meant to tell you in the last letter how much of a hero you have been for refusing to ever play on Yom Kippur. I know it was a struggle for you to even play on Rosh Hashanah in the middle of the 1934 pennant fight, but you did the right choice by going ahead with it because that holiday is more of a celebration, and then you went and won that game with a home run!

This is important to me because things in Austria might get uneasy for us soon. Because of the Germans’ “Anschluss” in March, there is a new law that says we have to register all our property and belongings. My father and mother mostly have to worry about this, but I hear them up late at night in the kitchen talking about it, and that makes my sister and me worry about it, too. The Germans just like to push people around but if they keep it up I think other countries will tell them to stop.

Finally, I want to also tell you I am a good mathematics student here, and like to look at baseball statistic numbers. Maybe there is someone you know who writes about the Tigers in the news press office that can give you special statistic sheets you can mail to me.

But if it’s too much trouble don’t bother your self. Right now just a letter saying hello would warm up my heart.

Your friend I hope,


Dear Markie:

Thank you for your letter. It was given to me after our game with the Indians today. I don’t have a lot of time right now with the games happening, but will write you a longer letter when we are on the road next week, and I’ll see about sending you a big league cap.

Hank Greenberg


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