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bob-feller-dugoutjpg-2019811432894924Dear Markie:

I am writing to you from our hotel in Cleveland, after a very exhausting week. We have one more to play at League Park tomorrow before heading off on the train for out first long east coast trip through Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington.

We sure haven’t been great yet, with a record of just 6-7, but the Yankees are only 7-7 and not getting any better starting pitching than we are. I had a few good games in St. Louis earlier this week, hitting my fourth and fifth homers to help us win two of three from the Browns, but Cleveland’s been another story. That young kid Bob Feller had me fishing and whiffing yesterday until I managed to plunk a single off him in the 9th in our 6-5 squeaker win.

I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing wrong, but it could be the cold weather here. Sometimes it takes me a month or two to get heated up. My batting average has dipped below .300, so I’ll need to find myself extra batting practice when we go east, especially before we take on those first place Red Sox. My buddy Jimmie Foxx has been whacking the ball there darn good, hitting .392 and also with five homers.

I’m still working on getting a Tigers cap for you, but as you can see I was able to mail you our statistics sheet through the first two weeks. Gehringer and York haven’t even started to hit yet, and I’m sure we’ll improve when they do.

I hope you and your family are having nicer weather. I was sorry to hear about the troubles your parents are having with the local government. It sounds very unfair. Believe me, I’ve had to hear lots of anti-Jewish language coming from the stands since I first took the ball field, but luckily they’ve just been words. There’s a man on the radio here a lot named Coughlin who’s been spreading anti-Jewish material for years and I think he influences the dimmer people. Even so, I never had to worry about my property being taken. My own parents came here from Romania at the turn of the century to escape persecution, so they would certainly understand. When I see them in New York on our trip, I’ll be sure to mention you.

Hank Greenberg


Dear Hank,

Thanks for writing your great letter. My sister and I tore the envelope open like crazy people and ate every word. Lilah is older than me and I believe has a love crush, so be careful ha ha.

Yesterday I snuck the ball and bat into a small pasture and practiced hitting by my self. If I tossed up a ball and hit it over the cows on the left I pretended it was a Hank Home Run. It took me a while of time to keep hitting toward the cows and running after the ball, and I got sweaty doing it. It was getting dark and cloudy and I thought I heard a thunder clap, but it may have been actually nearby gun shots. In either way, the sound scared me and I snuck back to my house.

You mentioned Gehringer and York not hitting, but from the statistic sheet, maybe the problem is Billy Rogell. He is supposed to be like a sparked plug but has been on base only about 27 per cent of the time. Maybe you should ask to help him on your big trip.

Your friend,


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