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detroit20tigers20capMr. Greenberg:

This is in regard to your request for supplying you with a second Tigers ball cap for the purpose of sending it to a fan. As you know, it is not club policy to provide players with extra equipment and team apparel unless there is a specific, proven need, or if the original equipment or apparel has been deemed defective.

The ball club has plenty of reputable souvenir stands at Briggs Stadium and in the surrounding Detroit area where you or this fan would be more than welcome to purchase such a cap.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Duffy P. Hodge

Detroit Tigers Equipment/Apparel Director


Dear Duffy:

Sorry, but I do not understand at all. This fan I know is not even living in the United States, so is unable to “purchase such a cap” at a local stand. Seeing I have been the team’s most valuable hitter for a number of years now, I assumed giving me an extra cap that I could mail overseas to this deprived fan was not too much to ask for.



Mr. Greenberg:

Shipping team apparel or equipment overseas is also not something we have provided for in our team’s annual budget. If you prefer, you can take this matter up with Mr. Briggs himself.

Duffy P. Hodge


Dear Duffy,

Skip it. And go jump in the Lake.


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