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SuperEggStepThreeDear Hank,

I have embarassment writing to you tonight. We turned off the lights in our house at nine o’clock, so I am using a flashlight under my sheet.

This morning it was announced by Anschluss officials that my father had to sell his whole egg business to an Austria man for a price that was so low it was almost nothing. This means we won’t be able to stay in our house much too longer. It is awful.

I was at my school when this was announced, and when I got home I found Father and Mother sitting against a fence in front of our house. They had drippy eggs on their clothes and eggshells in their hair because a small crowd of Nazi-liking Austrians had pulled them outside and hit them many times with my father’s own eggs.

I wanted to get my baseball bat and find the ones who did it but Father told me no, that we should keep quiet. Mother is on more of my side, is very angry and thinks we should find a way to move from Austria before it gets worse.

I would like it better to stay, because all of my friends are here, and I am almost done with my latest year of classes. I also think this egg mess was the lowest it will get for us. Uncle Zeb brings us news all the time about how things are going in Vienna and in the country, and he hasn’t been saying much his last few visits so I am not worried.

Getting baseball news about you also makes me less worried. I can hardly believe you’ve hit ten home runs in your first twenty games. If you keep doing that you will hit 77 for the season! I guess you must have got that extra batting practice you were looking for.

Were you able to send me that Tigers cap?

Your friend,



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