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Crescent_City_Golf_Tournament_1938_PuttDear Hank:

Your friends Harold and Sidney Allen suggested I write to you about addressing our membership at next month’s Sportsmanship Dinner on June 19th. As one of the two Jewish-friendly golf clubs in the Detroit area, Knollwood is proud of your achievements thus far on the baseball diamond, and what they mean to the larger Jewish community.

The Sportsmanship Dinner is held on the third Sunday evening every June, features many courses of fine food prepared by our excellent club chef Reneé Stein, and the men who attend the dinner come from many influential circles in town. The club has just spent a lavish sum to add a swimming pool and tennis courts, and we are sure you would find the facilities suitable should you also decided to join.

In the meantime, It would truly to be an honor to have you attend and speak to us about your life and career.


Benjamin C. Nussbaum
Planning Director
Knollwood Country Club
West Bloomfield, Michigan

May 11, 1938


Dear Mr. Nussbaum,

Regretfully, I won’t be able to attend or speak at your dinner this time. We will be finishing up a home series with the Senators that day, and I will need to prepare myself for a bigger series with the first-place Red Sox beginning the following day. Also, it is Father’s Day on the 19th, and I already promised my father I would speak to him on the telephone for a long time that same night.

Thank you for thinking of me, though. Maybe I will call you soon about coming by and playing a round of golf at your fine club.



Dear Hank:

Sorry you couldn’t join us for our Passover seder this year. We were hoping you might be able to find time to celebrate Shavuot in early June. Please let me know.


Rabbi Leo Franklin
Temple Beth El


Dear Leo:

I’m not sure of the exact date of that holiday, but it’s likely we will either be on a tough road trip or homestand, so I think I will have to decline. I will see you certainly for Yom Kippur in the fall.



Dear Markie:

Haven’t heard from you lately. is everything okay?



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