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Eisenstat_Harry_001Dear Mom,

Sorry I wasn’t in my room when you tried calling last night. You were at the movies with Pop when I called you Mother’s Day, so I guess that makes us even!

Actually, I was out with Harry Eisenstat. Did I tell you about him? Harry is a left-handed rookie pitcher who is pretty darn good and eager to learn the “ropes” of the big leagues. And because he’s also Jewish, there’s a heck of a lot more ropes to pull. I’ve already taken him to Serman’s to help him pick out a few nice suits, and told him how to deal with anti-Jewish heckling from the stands and other dugouts. He’s a good kid and seems to understand.

Anyway, last night I took him to dinner at Franklin Hills so he could meet some more people. Knollwood Country Club has been trying to get me to join and speak over there lately, but one of these places with everyone bothering me is more than enough right now. Harry had a couple too many gin and tonics, and I wanted to keep him company so that’s why I wasn’t in the room.

How is Pop doing? Our next trip through New York is coming up and this series is for four games, so I’ll have lots more time to visit. Maybe I’ll bring Harry by so you can meet him. Wasn’t there a friend at your temple who had a pretty daughter who wasn’t married yet that I wasn’t interested in? (Hint, hint)

By the way, that kid over in Austria I’ve been exchanging letters with isn’t writing back as much, and it’s got me worried. News from that country regarding Hitler has been awful scary, and I’m hoping he and his family are making plans to go somewhere else. I think they will.

Tell Pop to write if he gets a chance.

Love, Hank


Dear Markie,

It was awful to hear about your father’s friends. Please let me know if they’ve turned up yet. I’m sure they will.

Anyway, we have a big home stand this week, against all four eastern teams. I’ll be sure to write again this weekend and fill you in on some details.




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