NashHank1Dear Hank,

It’s Marjorie Nash again, your favorite fan. I don’t need another signed portrait or anything, but my girlfriends here at Wayne State and I thought you might like to see my new drawing of you. If you keep up this race after Babe Ruth’s home run record, you’re likely to see new ones regularly!

The Tigers are doing much better than we thought they would. Sylvie is upset that Charlie Gehringer hasn’t hit many home runs yet, because she thinks he’s pretty dreamy. Do you and Charlie get along well? Sylvie also wants to know what he’s like.

Actually, I wonder sometimes what it must be like for you to be on the road so much during a season. It’s probably a good thing you’re not married yet, right? Because that would make things tougher.

I study a lot at nights, but not SO much, If you’re ever nearby Wayne State on an off day, I’d love for you to come visit the campus and maybe even let me draw you in person.

Marjorie N.
May 27, 1938


Dear Marjorie:

Thanks for the offer, but I doubt I would be free for something like that. Your cartoon drawing is rather spiffy, though!



Hey Hank:

I just learned from Ernie Koy on the Dodgers that you worked for the Ford Motor Company over the last winter. How could you do that? As you know, we’ve been in a pretty poisonous time for Jew-hating in this country, and Henry Ford has had a say in that since the early 20s. Did you know that his Dearborn Independent ran 91 straight anti-Jewish front page editorials before the paper was mercifully killed? Adolf Hitler himself was inspired by Ford. Anyway, if you’re thinking of working there again this winter, I would think again.

Phil Weintraub


Dear Phil:

You’re a little too concerned about this. I was just doing some public relations for them, shaking hands at events where they introduced new cars and stuff. Ford has always been attracted to star athletes. You might forget that Jo-Jo White, Mickey Cochrane and Fatty Fothergill also did this kind of thing.

Believe me, I’ve become a lot more aware recently of our standing in the world. If things get any worse I’ll certainly bring your feelings up to Ford if they ask me to help them out again.




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