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rppc-352Dear Hank:

How are you doing? There is no need to worry about me or my family any more. We are being sent away to a special work farm in the countryside east of here. It ist a place we hear is very comfortable, and we will be fed good meals. Mother and Father are happy to be going to this place two. There are beautiful woods und fields near the farm where we can get exercise. So there is no need to worry about us. Take care and have a good year.

Your friend,

17 May 1938

Dear Markie:

It was great to hear from you. What’s the name of this work farm you’re going to, and what town is it in? I sent this letter by special delivery because I was hoping you can read it before you leave. I assume you’ll still be able to write from this camp, but I’ll need an address so I can keep sending you baseball news.

Please let me know as soon as you can.




I’m worried. I got another new letter from this kid in Austria I told you about, but I’m thinking maybe he wasn’t the one who wrote it. It’s just a feeling. It took a long time to get here. It was done on a typewriter instead of a pen like he usually uses, and there were some weird half-German misspellings. That’s worrisome to begin with, and then there’s the nasty business going on over there with the Nazi people terrorizing the German Jews. What I’m hoping is that they just took their pens and paper away or something, and he was rushed, but then where did he get ahold of a typewriter?

Do you think I am just being a little crazy about this?



Bring the letter along on the road trip so I can take a look at it.


Dear Markie:

If you got this letter too it  means I actually mailed it. I wasn’t sure I was going to, because bad baseball news isn’t something you need at the moment. On the other hand, maybe any baseball news at all will make you feel better.

We had what I would call a terrible week before hitting the road. After beating the Red Sox at home in the first game of that series, we dropped the next two, 10-3 on a Joe Heving 2-hitter and 3-2 in ten innings on a homer by Joe Vosmik. Then the Yankees came in and that was worse. Lefty Gomez shut us out 1-0 on a 4-hitter, and despite my 15th homer the next day, we lost to them 17-2 and made three errors in the process. We then began our big trip at Comiskey Park and took two of three, but made three more errors in a 6-1 loss. Our starting pitching outside of Vern Kennedy has been terrible. Maybe you should learn how to throw a curve ball instead of how to hit. We could use you, my little friend!




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