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Ford_HenryHenry Ford
℅ of Ford Motor Company
River Rouge Plant
Dearborn, Michigan

Dear Mr. Ford:

While I enjoyed my time serving as one of your public relations representatives last offseason, I have given the matter a lot of thought since then, and don’t think I will be able to perform the same duties this coming winter. Thank you for considering me for this role in the first place.

Hank Greenberg



Dear Hank:

I am sorry to hear of your decision. I’ve always considered you a good-hearted, respectful Hebrew and  a great athlete, and having you around to locally promote our automobiles was a feather in our hat. I only hope this had nothing to do with our “Inernational Jew” editorials we once ran in my Dearborn Independent. As you probably know, that newspaper was abolished 11 years ago, and many of the men who wrote and published those words without my knowledge are long gone. If you would like to come out to Fair Lane some evening for dinner with Clara and I, I’m sure we can amiably discuss a new possible business arrangement.



Dear Henry:

The Independent articles are only part of it. I have heard rumors that Adolf Hitler himself is an ardent fan of yours, and used your articles as an inspiration to write his Mein Kampf book. With Germany’s terrible persecution of the Jews on the rise in Europe, anti-semitic feeling in this country has also gotten worse. This means that while I admire your work and standing as a successful car-maker, continuing a business relationship with you doesn’t seem to be in my best interests at this time.

Thanks anyway,
Hank Greenberg



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