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Dear Markie:

Not having heard back from you yet, I’ve mailed this to your address in Mannersdorf, hoping you will find a way to retrieve your mail.

I’m writing from my mother and father’s house in New York, where we’re playing a series against the Yanks (and gotten beat up by a combined 18-4 score in the first two games). My friend Harry Eisenstat keeps wanting me to show him some of the town, but I’ve been a little distracted since that last note from you, and haven’t been in the mood.

I wanted to tell you I also wrote to John Luecke, who is a congressman in Washington D.C. representing Michigan, to see what would be involved in getting you and your family to emigrate to the United States. Mr. Luecke is very busy, as you might think, but he knows a few highly placed people in the government, and promised he would look into this for me as soon as possible. Hoping this news has brightened your day.




Dear Markie:

Still haven’t heard from you, and now I’m in Boston, and I need something to brighten my day.

The Red Sox beat us 14-4 yesterday to open our big three-game series at Fenway Park. My buddy Jimmie Foxx hit a grand slam in the 1st inning, his 20th homer later, and now has two more than me in the home run race. That wouldn’t bug me at all if we were winning. Today we finally beat Boston 8-6 behind Eldon Auker and Harry’s fourth saved game, and broke their ridiculous 13-game win streak that has put the Red Sox in first place by quite a few. I saw a statistic that said that they’ve only lost 14 player games due to injury, which is the best mark in the league by far. It’s a good explanation why they’re doing so well, other than Jimmie and Ben Chapman’s mashing, of course. Hate to wish for my friend to slip on a banana peel and break his ankle, but I’m almost at that point now.

Aside from  their ball team being monsters, Boston is a very nice city with great food and a lot of good schools. You would enjoy living here very much—though maybe I’m getting too ahead of myself.




Dear Hank:

You were late to betting practice for the second straight day. Do you need to talk about something?

Mickey C.


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