Constitution-Ave.June 9, 1938

Office of Congressman John Luecke
Washington, DC

Dear Mr. Greenberg:
Your letter regarding Markus Edelstein was passed on to me after it was read by my secretary, and I thought a punctual reply was in order.

While your correspondence with Master Edelstein is certainly cause for worry, I see no concrete evidence in your account of any wrongdoing by Austria’s occupying German forces.

As for your question regarding possible immigration visas for Master Edelstein and his family, the American government cannot make special accommodations at this time for individual cases. Certainly, there has been talk that the President may be easing our immigration policy sometime this year, but as we are still emerging from a challenging economic period, and with many jobs still scarce, restricted quotas are currently the safest policy we can make to ensure the well-being of the American public. You may not be aware of this, but four separate polls this year revealed that 71 to 85% of said public opposes increasing immigrant quotas to help foreign refugees.

I know you were hoping for a private meeting with me while your team was playing here in Washington this week, but I’m afraid I will be too “jammed up” with political meetings and sessions. I certainly wish you well in your quest to help the Edelsteins, and hope your Tigers season also proves successful. I own a season box ticket at Briggs Stadium which I can’t seem to use frequently enough.


John Luecke
State of Michigan


Dear John:

Thanks for your reply, but this is complete baloney. For all I know, Markie and his entire family may have been taken somewhere and shot by now. If you can’t look into this or pass my letter on to an ambassador, I’m going to send a new letter to the President himself. He is also a baseball fan with a little more clout and probably more heart than you.



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