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St. Louis Globe-Democrat city room in 1938Dear Hank:

I left you a couple phone messages, but you obviously didn’t get to them, so I thought I’d try you via Uncle Sam.

Johnny Spark here, with the Toledo Blade. Not sure if you ever read my stuff, but I write the weekly “Stitches and Seams” column in our sports section, and I’d love to get a few choice quotes from you about this year’s upcoming All-Star Game.

Now I figure you’re still burned abut getting left on the bench for all of last year’s game by Joe McCarthy. I have to agree that was pretty much an outrage. You think it was because of McCarthy favoring his man Gehrig or your pal Foxx? Or maybe because of your ethnic-ness?

This season it’s likely going to be just as rough for you to get in the action, what with the year Foxx is having, not to mention Hal Trosky on the Indians. What do you think you’ll do if McCarthy snubs you again? Can’t imagine your feelings about the Yanks can take much more bruising.

If you don’t have time to write back, you can always call me at the paper or leave me a message there at TL 1-3047.

Thanks, bud.

J. Spark
June 14, 1938


Dear Johnny:

There’s a damn good reason I didn’t return your phone calls. If I waste my good time talking to a rumor-starter and general leech like you I ought to have my head examined.

It’s an honor to get picked for the all-star team. If I’m lucky enough for that to happen again, and if I only have one good leg I can stand on, I’m going to Cincinnati to suit up and do as much as I can to help the American League boys win.

I realize that being a baseball beat man is a grinding job, but it must be even more of a grind when you have to climb all over each other like crazy army ants to come up with “scoops” to help get you raises.

I would rather not make up answers to your idiotic questions and help you in this department, so thanks anyway. You and your friends would do more good for the public reporting stories that actually mean something.



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