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PostmarkedDear Hank,

I am Zeb Koshnik, Markie Edelstein’s uncle. It is lucky I am able to write to you because there is a postal man in the village we are now hiding in who is friendly with the Jews. Markie is doing okay, though I am sad to tell you his family was taken by officers and put in a special truck that was going  eastward.

After I was forced to leave my printering job last week, I went to my brother’s house, but it wasn’t for all too long. The officers knocked on the door late at night and pushed everyone into the back of this truck. I jumped off and took Markie with me when we stopped at a railroad crossing. I might have gotten them all out but a guard saw us and I had to pull Markie into the trees to escape from the bullets.

Now we are in a cellar under an old farmer’s barn. The farmer is not Jewish but doesn’t like the Nazis either so he sneaks food and put us together with the postal man. If there is anything you can send us that we might be able to use for bribing reasons to get us over the Switzerland border it would make us be much grateful. For now we are at this address: 31 Kieferstrasse, Klösterle, Austria

Zeb Kushnik

24 June 1938


Dear Zeb and Markie:

Yes! It is so good to hear you are both safe! I feel terrible about your family, Markie, but hopefully they were taken to a place where they were fed and taken care of.

Inside the second bound envelope you will find 500 dollars in American money. I’m not sure if this will be enough to get you across the Swiss border, but I figure our cash is worth something there.

Please give Markie all my best and tell him to write next time and soon. Also tell him I will hit a home run for him as soon as I can.



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