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nyc19--Dear Hank,

It is Markie’s Uncle Zeb here again. Thank you for the bills of cash you sent. I think it will help us get over the Switzerland border in little time.

But after that we will need some more of them so we can get on a ship sailing to America. This will be from up in Denmark, and so extra bills of cash will help us get to that place too.

I also have an idea for our plan that is easier than sending mail again. My cousin Ruben Glass who lives in Grand Rapids Michigan, who I visited and got the base ball gifts for Markie from, says he will be in New York City when your Tigers team is next there in the middle of this July. He is a good cousin and has offered to come to Europe and help with our escape to a safer country. He says if you meet him at a place called Battery Park, ten o’clock at night on Saturday 16 July you can pass him the extra cash bills before he goes to his steamship pier for the ocean crossing. He will be wearing a white cap and be looking for you.

Markie and myself are hoping to meet you soon when we arrive in your land.

Zeb Kushnik
3 July 1938


Dear Hank:

Welcome to Cincinnati and our fair, great state! Johnny Spark again, with the Toledo Blade. I know you’ve been a busy guy here, with all the all-star hoopla, but there was no need to ignore me like you did today around the batting practice cage. Sure, I can talk to McCarthy or Foxx and get them to quote things about you, but seeing I am a professional of the fourth estate, figured it would be wise to give you a chance to defend yourself among all these rumors of you maybe getting snubbed out of the game again tomorrow.

So what do you think? Going to play this time?

J. Spark
July 5, 1938



Do me a favor and sit in the lower left grandstand tomorrow, so when I bat I can line one of Hubbell’s fastballs straight into your weak excuse for a skull.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Tune into my Twitter feed Tuesday, 8/20 at 10 p.m. EDT, 7 Pacific for Calvin Butterworth’s LIVE TWEETCAST of the 1938 All-Star Game from Crosley Field! Starting lineups will be up five minutes before Carl Hubbell’s first pitch…


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