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WayneDear Marjorie:

Hope you don’t mind, but I came looking for you over at Wayne State today. We got back from our latest trip last night, and had a day off here in Detroit before the tough Eastern clubs come visit us again, so I said what the heck, I could use a friendly smile, maybe Marjorie Nash is around.

I really do like the little cartoon “home run figures” you’ve been sending me. Not sure if you’ve been reading about my daily concerns with little Markie Edlestein in Europe, but the cartoons cheer me up after every homer I hit. Hard to believe I’m up to 38 of those things.

Anyway, you had a nice campus, with lots of trees, but I was a little blue when I found your dormitory address and realized stupidly that you had gone home for the summer break. A nice girl I ran into there taking a summer class named Claire knew who you were but didn’t have your home address, so oh well. She had very thick glasses and didn’t seem to know who I was, which was maybe a good thing.

I’m still kind of shy when it comes to girls, and really have little time during the baseball season to pursue one seriously. Meaning I hope you don’t think I was being too forward by trying to drop in on you like that. After our exhausting trip I just had to get my mind clear before gearing it up in 24 hours to face Dutch Leonard fastballs. If this letter gets forwarded to your home, please feel free to write me back and let me know if you can make it to Briggs Stadium for one of our remaining home games. We still have 42 of them left!

And hopefully when we’re through with those, our team will be better than six games under .500. Which was another reason I needed a friendly face…



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