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phillies-header_1938Dear Hank,

I read your letter this morning in the Phillie dressing room and have to admit it threw me for a loop.

I realize you’re worried about this one kid stuck in Austria, but thinking we can get all of us Jewish players galvanized over the entire persecution situation and go visit the President about it is a little far-fetched, don’t you think? Sure, Koy and Myer and myself don’t like what’s going over there any more than you, but we all got games to play, and even though the Phils are dead last we’ve got a rugged stretch right now against those Western teams, every one of them still in the race, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to miss one game to take time off to travel to D.C. and get a door slammed in my face.

Besides, I truly think that the harder the situation gets for Jews in Europe, the more likely FDR and the state department will get serious about helping some of them escape to here. I heard he’s been thinking about passing a new immigration law or something. Haven’t we always welcomed in persecuted people?

And don’t forget you’re up to 41 swats now, and every American Jew is solidly behind you. You also got them to think about every day.

Phil Weintraub


Dear Phil:

Sorry, to “throw you for a loop”. Just figured because your team is lousy you might like to take a few days off and do something more useful. And just so YOU know, I’m hitting each of these home runs for Markie, and no one else. Maybe on our next eastern trip I’ll even end up on an ocean liner…



Dear Hank,

I think we need to meet for some beers.




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