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CountrysideDear Hank,

I am alive! You probably have as much shock about this as me, but it is true. I was taken away some month ago by a German officer named Krupp who did things the way he pleased and did not listen to his higher officers. He had a house in woods that was miles from my village and kept me locked in his closet for long times. He had found my letters to you when him and his soldiers were loot sacking our house and forced me to write a few fake cards and letters to people. He has a friend named Rolf and the two of then wanted to get money from you so if this Rolfe ever contacts you stay away from him like you would do to a hornet.

Lucky for me after spending much time with Krupp I was able to cut my hand ropes with a small knife I took in his kitchen.  and I escaped quietly from the house at night after stealing a lot of his cash money. I walked through woods a few nights looking for Switzerland border but got lost. Then I met an older Jewish boy from a near village trying to do the same thing and he knew what had happened to my family! He said they had been taken to a work camp far east of here called Dachau. They are keeping what they think are political prisoners there so must believe my father is one. The last time I saw Uncle Zeb he had said that they are also making immigration papers to other countries like Cuba for some political refugees so I am hoping I can help my family do that. I do not have an idea what happened to Uncle Zeb. He was supposed to join us from Vienna.

So now this boy whose name is Michael has said he will help me get to Dachau. He is showing me how to get food from farmers and sleep in their haystacks at night. Yesterday some German soldiers walked by our stack and poked it with their sword-guns and almost hit us but they didn’t. Michael is nice and keeps a diary and had envelopes and postal stamps so I will be sneaking into villages and finding letter boxes as much as I can to let you know how I am doing.

Hope the Tigers are in first place by now. I’m sure they are close!

Your friend,
7 August 1938

Dear Markie,

It is so great to hear from you again! You have no idea how much worrying I’ve done. Our team actually stinks and just got swept at home by the Yankees and Red Sox, but I’m up to 43 home runs now, and all of them have been inspired by you.

Believe it or not, I’ve already met this Rolf character you mentioned, and I smacked him silly and took his return ocean liner ticket. I am thinking of using it to come look for you, but it’s a tough decision to make when I’m in the middle of a baseball season.

I also need to tell you that I got a surprise visit from your uncle’s cousin, who told me that your Uncle Zeb is dead, that he was killed in a Nazi raid on his Vienna business. I’m truly sorry, but I thought it would be good of you to know.

Please keep writing! Hope you will be able to help your family be released from this Dachau place. If you somehow can get on that boat to Cuba, I will go down and meet you there!



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