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TunnelDear Hank,

It has been very dark and chilling, and now it is getting wet. I am using a flash light I found to write this. I am still in the sewer tunnel under the synagogue in Cologne and have not been able to get out yet. I heard many windows breaking above me the other night and then smelled smoke and felt some heat and knew the synagogue was lit on fire.

It flamed for a while and then it started to rain and it has been raining ever since, like God has been crying for us. There is a man named David and his little girl who is also down here with me now. They came from Salzburg and don’t know what happened to the rest of their family, but he says he will take me to the Belgium border with him as soon as the rain stops and it might be safe.

But will the rain ever stop? It drips down on top of us and the sewer water is getting deeper and smelly and we have to try and sleep on bricks above it and struggle to not fall in. The little girl did for a few minutes and her father jumped in and pulled her out.

We have had nothing to eat except some pieces of cheese that David had in his pocket. They are almost green though so we are nibbling the parts that we can, like rats do.

I asked David why the Germans hate us so much and he thought many seconds before he said, “So they don’t have to hate themselves.” I didn’t understand that too much but will think about it a lot. 

Now I will try to sleep more and write again tomorrow…

* * *

We are back in outdoor air! There are some potato trucks leaving from a farm nearby that seem to be driving west and this Salzburg father who name is David thinks we can hide on them for some of the way. I will mail this to you now from the first postal box I see and try to get on one of these trucks.

I would give anything to be sitting in a Tigers baseball park seat watching you swing the bat instead of being where I am, but like they say oh well. Wish us luck please!

Your friend,


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