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tedhusingHello there, Hank!

Before we begin I’d like to say it’s wonderful of you to take time out from your busy travel schedule with the Detroit Tigers to appear on my radio program this morning here at CBS.

It sure is a pleasure, Ted. When my manager Del Baker got that call asking if I could be on the air with none other than Ted Husing, well, how could I say no?

And we’re all glad you didn’t. I understand you were even meeting with dignitaries in our Nation’s Capitol this past week.

Yeah, I um…had a few meetings there.

For you listeners who may be unaware, I first met Hank when I was in Detroit broadcasting the 1934 World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals, and we hit it off like two kernels in a corn cob. Now first off, I have to ask how it feels to be challenging the sacred 11-year home run record of one George Herman Ruth. Yankee fans all around this wonderful city seem excited about the possibility, but by all accounts, they also seem to be getting a tad nervous.

It’s been a special time, as you probably imagine. If I try to think of anything else, there’s plenty of fans, well-wishers, and reporters like yourself to help me forget that idea.

Yes, and certainly, plenty of fans will be on hand at the big stadium today, tomorrow, and Thursday, when your Tigers take on the Yankees, with you sitting precariously on home run number 49. Think you’ll be able to belt number 50?

Well, it depends on the pitcher that day and how I good I can see him. Right now it looks like I’ll be facing Gomez, Ruffing, and Bump Hadley, all pretty tough customers.

Now you were raised right here in New York, so I have to ask if Mother and Father Greenberg will be attending any of these games.

Oh yeah, all three of them. And my mother will be cooking me my favorite potato pancakes for dinner after each one.

That’s wonderful. I also understand, Hank, that there is a 10-year-old Hebrew boy overseas that has galvanized your attention this season. Could you tell our radio listeners a bit about him?

Well, yeah. His name is Markie Edelstein, and he was living in Austria, but unfortunately was separated from his family as the Germans took over their country and started changing many of the laws. I’ve been exchanging letters with him occasionally but it hasn’t been easy. Matter of fact, our clubhouse man tells me there’s one sitting at the Stadium waiting for me right now—

And I’m sure that will be another thrill for you. Tell me, Hank, your ex-manager Mickey Cochrane, who I also know well from broadcasting the 1934 World Series as well as the 1929 classic when he played for the Philadelphia Athletics, was relieved of his managerial duties recently and now your team is hotter than sunny side eggs on a skillet. How much of this do you feel is attributable to new skipper Del Baker?

Well, Del is a straight shooter but he seems to just let us play most of the time. Ted, if I can, I’d just like to remind the listeners about the ongoing problems facing Jewish people in Europe today. It would be great if people could write their—

Yes, and I’m afraid we’re out of time, Hank. Come on out to the Stadium this week, folks, and watch our guest go after the Bambino. This has been Ted Husing, with “Radio Sports Slants.”

—CBS RADIO TRANSCRIPT: August 30, 1938

Dear Hank,

Good news! I am about to be boarding a ship to New York! I lost David and his daughter when we got to Antwerp, but I have paid boat cargo worker all the rest of my money and he will get me into hiding on below deck. I think it is a Belgium boat from Ozeankonig Company but I am not sure, but I don’t care because I am so happy. I hope you can meet me at New York dock soon.

Your friend, Markie
27 August 1938


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