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027_001Dear Hank,

I am in the Cuba country! You will not believe how it happened because I don’t either, but it did!

Just like in Florida, they wouldn’t let us into the Havana harbor either. Some big German named Himmler sent telegrams to the Cuba government warning them that all the refugees on the boat were criminals, and we should not be let in. The stupid Cuba people believed them! The boat was far too crowded and many of us were getting sick the whole time across the ocean, and now we couldn’t even get off!

The next day we were going to be sent back to Europe but a fisherman boat came out in the middle of night to maybe help. Two of the refugees who had more money paid to sneak down into the fish boat. When I acted to be sick and needing a hospital, I became one of them!

The ride to the island was even bouncier, and I really DID get sick. The fishermen helped us out on a dark beach, then made us pay more money to sleep in their shack building. Tomorrow they will get us to another boatman who will take even more money to bring us to America!

So I will mail another postal card from Florida soon I hope! Did you pass the Babeino in home runs yet?

Your friend,
7 September 1938


Wait till I show you the post cards I got today!


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