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BiolxiDear Hank,

I think I am in America now. It is very poor and hot and strange and we saw some Italians here so I was not sure. It is a place called Biloxi in a state I cannot spell so I will not try.

Do not ask how I ended up here. The second fisherman boat we paid money to go to Florida on went off the course because of a tropic storm, and we sailed west instead for days to land off Biloxi Beach.

I am wet and hungry and seasicked now. The refugees I came with have been nice, and as strong as they can be, but they are all the same wet and hungry and seasicked and are now going to different ways. I am with an old man named Stein and he has a son who lives near Chicago which I think is near you, right? So when we get closer I will write again.

Your friend,

13 September 1938



He’s getting closer, just like me! Only seven homers to the Babe!


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