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MichTrainDear Hank,

I am in Louisville in Kentucky! The train we are on stopped here for half of an hour so I got off it to quickly mail this.

Mr. Stein found me in that Georgia jail the day after he was left off that bus and paid money to get me out. I was sure glad he had some! He has been very nice and says he will put me on a Detroit train from Chicago as soon as we get there. It was too bad we went the wrong way on the bus but that is what happens when you don’t know directions in a new country.

A newspaper here said you hit two more home runs today and are up to 57 now! That is great news and I look forward to shaking your hand about it soon.

When I know when the train to Detroit happens I will write you again. Maybe even try a telephone call!

Your friend,
21 September 1938


Dear Hank,

I received your letter about helping you out, but unfortunately I am very busy with new classes and teachers and schoolwork here at Wayne so that would make it impossible at the moment. I wish you luck getting together with your little friend.

Also, I think I mentioned last time I am dating someone special, so having dinner out with you probably wouldn’t be the best idea either.

Best of luck catching the Babe and take care,
—Marjorie Nash

Sept. 22


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