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About Me and This

Jeff38Greetings again. Welcome to my fifth “fictionalized” baseball replay blog. If you enjoyed 1924 and You Are There!, Play That Funky Baseball, The Bragging Rights League, and Mystery Ball ’58, you’ll be happy to know that Dear Hank is just like those, except entirely different.

Over a decade before Jackie Robinson heroically battled racial abuse for breaking open the door for African-American ballplayers, Hank Greenberg endured years of punishing anti-semitism. For that reason, I thought he would make a great “main character” for my fictional trip through 1938, a thrill-packed year played under the growing shadow of a new, frightening Europe.

Unlike my other full-season replays, though, this tale will be told in weekly letters every Monday and Wednesday, and with a Baseball Gazette & Dope Sheet newspaper page every Friday to keep readers up on the standings, pertinent stats, and colorful news. Because the season is being played out in 25 weeks of real time, Paul Dylan of the very fine simulation gaming Web site One for Five has been gracious enough to assist me with making this happen. I have much of the story worked out in my head, but as usual, the unforeseen events on the Strat-O-Matic ball field will have a strong bearing on the details.

I hope you enjoy it.

Culver City, CA



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